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Easter Wellness Tips

Easter takes me back to my childhood it's the marker of Spring: Daffodils have bloomed, Snowdrops and bluebells are scattered around the woods and the sun starts to make us squint a little in the midday.

Spring, and Easter feels like a time of rebirth, a time to break out of the mold of stillness we create during the Winter months.

We’re ‘shaking off the cobwebs’ so to speak. The Spring Sun sheds light into our homes, illuminating the dark corners we’d forgotten about during the duller months.

It’s time to nurture ourselves, to tidy our minds and look after our bodies.

Here are my Top Tips for looking after your wellbeing during Easter:

  1. Take time outside: whatever the weather, however long you have – step into the light – perhaps it’s 10 minutes of a warm coffee on the porch or a walk around your local area. Soak up the Vitamin D.

  2. Move your body: Hide the Easter Eggs and make a game out of finding them, whether it’s in the home or outside – get your body moving around. Movement changes your ‘state’ and gets your energy zooming around to lift your mood.

  3. Connect: Connect and be close, make a plan to reach out to a loved one and spark a conversation. Offer a hug, or a listening ear. Enjoy tea and a biscuit and ‘shoot the breeze’.

Spend some time in nature and reconnect yourself with the beauty that Spring highlights:

Listen – really listen to the sounds around you. What do you hear?

Look – really see . What do you notice?

Touch – clothes, trees, flowers, brickwork. How does it feel?

Smell – really think about the scents around you. What are those smells?

Taste – What lingers in my mouth? Is it the morning coffee I had, or perhaps breakfast?

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