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The intention of Parcels of Hope is to provide peace & relaxation; bringing the recipient from a place of worry to a place of calm.
The ethos of Parcels of Hope is to send kindness & calmness to those who need it - whether it be you, or someone you're thinking of.


Packaged in a letterbox friendly postal box, the contents have either been handmade, locally sourced from Northern Ireland or carefully curated to provide the recipient with the highest quality goods.


Parcels of Hope contents:
- Intentional Jewellery - pick a piece from my jewellery options that fits with the message the recipient needs.
- Relaxing Wax Melt - handmade by Urban Ivy Aromas in L/Derry
- Chocolate - detailed with an affirmation and handmade by The Chocolate Manor
- Sleepy Tea - hand blended by Wildlife Unlimited
- Mindful Squish - scented modelling dough
- Sleepy Head Bath Salts
- x 2 Affirmations
- x 5 A5 Mindful colouring pages
- x 14 pack of mini colouring pencils.

Parcels of Hope

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